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Virtual Collaboration: Future Way of Working

Increasingly, companies are using virtual communication as the usual form of collaboration. This is a trend which on the one hand offers a great opportunity to combine the best resources for a task quickly and independently of the location, but on the other hand confronts the employees with new, difficult challenges.

A diverse team, using digital channels to work across distances and often with assorted cultures, needs to use different communication and working methods than a homogenous team working in one place. Thus, effective communication and collaboration requires a different approach than in non-virtual team collaboration.

Moving from actual to virtual working is a big step, requiring additional effort to build trust, motivate staff and engage the team. Clarifying roles, responsibilities and work flows may be more problematic at a distance, yet is essential for successful virtual working. To make a virtual team successful, it is crucial that team members and leaders are aware of the particular demands virtual work brings and know how to tackle these challenges.

Discover our exciting, highly effective live training online and live coaching online on the topic 'virtual work'. We will bond your virtual teams and show you how you can succeed in the world of virtual working.

Product features:

  • Live training online with learning app
  • Live training online with live trainer
  • Live coaching online with live coach
  • Virtual, individual rooms
  • Effective, anywhere at anytime

Live Training Online and Live Coaching Online

Virtual Leadership
Virtual Leadership
Live Training Online

Are you leading a virtual team for the first time? Understand the particular demands of virtual leadership and learn how to navigate as a leader heading up a virtual team.

Virtual Collaboration
Virtual Collaboration
Live Training Online

Would you like to actively shape or improve collaboration and knowledge sharing within your virtual team? The training will show you ways to create a productive working environment, communicate successfully through digital channels and stimulate knowledge sharing.

Individual Coaching
Individual Coaching
Live Coaching Online

Are you a team member or team leader of a virtual team and facing new challenges? We will develop solutions together with you and accompany you during the transformation phase.

The duration depends on your specific needs. We are happy to submit an offer.

Team Building
Teambuilding Virtual Team
Live Training Online

Would you like to develop or strengthen trust, the feeling of togetherness and team spirit in your virtual team? Our highly effective teambuilding sessions concentrate on virtual teams and will be tailored to the specific area of focus and needs of your company.

Duration and number of participants depend on your specific requirements. We are happy to submit an offer.

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