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«Words can be windows or walls.»

- Marshall B. Rosenberg -

This quote from Marshall B. Rosenberger, the founder of the appreciative communication, has further encouraged me to believe in the tremendous, positive power of successful interpersonal communication. His words have inspired me to make the improvement of communication and cooperation in organizations my life’s mission.

Ute Sommer

In today’s times of speed, permanent change, networking and dismantling of hierarchies, interpersonal communication in organizations is significantly more important. Without efficient communication, successful cooperation is hardly possible, regardless whether in projects, with colleagues, customers or suppliers.

The new generation of organizations and the disappearance of hierarchies paves the way for communication at eye level. I am passionate about the opportunity to unlock the underlying enormous potential together with you. Let’s make organizations more humane, more resilient and, ultimately, more economically successful.

My Roles at Sommer & Partner Consulting

  • Training Developer
  • Trainer
  • Mediator
  • Project Manager
  • Blogger
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