Introduction Nancy Radford (NRA)


«The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.»

- George Bernard Shaw -

So much pain is caused by the lack of communication or misunderstandings. My goal is to show people how to express their needs in a clear and constructive way, while being mindful of others' needs. What inspires me most is seeing the light dawn in someone's eyes when they learn how to do this.

Nancy Radford

As a trainer, mediator, facilitator and conflict coach, I help people improve their professional and personal relationships by effective communication, changing the stories they tell themselves and providing tools and strategies that last a lifetime. Having worked in the private, public and third sector, in a variety of industries, cultures and circumstances, I find it easy to adapt and help others see different viewpoints. Growing resilience, understanding, confidence and skills in others is something that comes naturally. Helping people make the best of their circumstances and relationships is my passion -- I like being the 'wind beneath their wings'.

My Roles at Sommer & Partner Consulting

  • Training Developer
  • Trainer
  • Mediator
  • Coach
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