Introduction Liz Küng (LKU)


«The future is already here — it's just not very evenly distributed.»

- William Gibson -

I am inspired when cooperation succeeds, producing the best result. The essential ingredient for this is people who share their potential and who develop with each task and challenge. In order to make this possible, appropriate new organizational concepts are needed. It is a great pleasure to contribute with knowledge and experience to this creative process.

Liz Küng

I am convinced that the personal development of individual employees contributes to the success of an organization. Each success has a great positive impact on people and encourages them to further improve.

Strengthening and fostering this value-creating interaction with specially developed training is my exciting mission.

My Roles at Sommer & Partner Consulting

  • Trainer
  • Training Developer
  • Coach
  • Organizational Design (internal and external)
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