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'My name is Ute Sommer. I am co-founder of Sommer & Partner Consulting GmbH. I would like to introduce you to our company, self-conception and expertise. Let me tell you about our way of working and our references. Get to know us.' 



March 30, 2012

Legal form:

Limited liability company


Ute Sommer, Rainer Meyer-Winzenburg

Commercial register:

Canton Zug, Switzerland

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We strongly believe that enhanced communication and cooperation as well as personal development of employees drives positive economic and socio-cultural developments in companies. It is this belief that motivated us to develop the products you will find on our site. Meet our team here.


We believe in enabling the next generation of purpose-driven and human-centered organizations with empowered employees who are great communicators and collaborators.


These are the companies with whom we have worked, either as a management consultant, project or change manager or as a trainer and communication expert.


We combine business knowledge with insights from social sciences, communication sciences, psychology and neurobiology.

In our team all trainers and mediators have at least 10 years experience in adult education. Our Org-Designer, Change and Project Manager have many years of project experience in international companies.

We are also working intensively on the topics of the new world of work, such as the impacts of digitalization, new organizational models, new ways of working and social skills that employees have to bring along in the future.



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Emotional Intelligence of Employees and Leaders

Way of Working

Contrary to the usual practice, we deliberately did not define any corporate values for our organization. From our work with international teams, we know that one cannot impose values and that the same value can have different meanings for different people. On the other hand, it is possible to describe the desired culture and principles. These can be translated into guidelines for working together internally and dealing externally with customers. We call it 'Way of Working'.

We work virtually.

Our registered business address is in Baar, Switzerland. We work virtually, meet regularly in video meetings and are location independent. In this way, we save travel time, office expenses and are flexible about working hours. We are well prepared for the digital working world 4.0.

We work without titles and hierarchies.

We believe that every human being should be treated equally regardless of status, education and experience. Hierarchies and titles, however, suggest assessment. Hierarchies and bosses can hinder the development of people. Alternatively, in an environment of equality and mutual respect, the different strengths of each team member can unfold optimally. Together, the best possible results can be achieved. We focus on the tasks (and not roles) required. The allocation of tasks is on the basis of skills and motivation, not according to an existing hierarchical structure.

We are purpose driven.

The goal of our entrepreneurial activities is not only economic efficiency, but also the creation of high added value for employees, customers, suppliers as well as for the society in general while we act environmentally conscious. Profit maximization is not a priority for us.

Our products: sustainable added value for our customers.

All the products on our website were created in response to direct dialogue with our customers. Our philosophy is that our customers only pay us for delivering competences and for implementation, not for the product development. Thus, customers receive well-proven products at reasonable costs adding sustainable value to their business.

Our approach: empower rather than advise.

Our products are generally designed so that they can be implemented easily and maintained or enhanced by our customers themselves. Our training and conflict resolutions have the preliminary goal of strengthening communication competencies and preparing employees for the workplace environment 4.0. We focus on enabling employees to communicate and cooperate in a culturally neutral and appreciative way, rather than advising.

Our working principles: agile, precise, fast and digital.

As a matter of principle, working results are discussed with the team. The team will be encouraged to reflect, adjust and optimize the outcomes. We learn from customer feedback to continually improve our processes and products. Speed is important to us. On customer queries we react within 48 hours. Whenever possible we use digital communication channels. Meetings with customers usually take place in virtual meeting rooms.

Customer satisfaction is crucial for us.

After completion of any project or delivery of a service, we evaluate how satisfied a customer was with us. As a rule, we achieve very high customer satisfaction, because we clarify the customers’ expectations beforehand and describe precisely and understandably how we will fulfill them. If, however, our service does not meet customer expectations we will do whatever is possible to achieve customer satisfaction.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. Do you have any questions? Please contact us. We are happy to help. Email:

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