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Managing Conflict Well
Managing Conflict Well
Live Training Online
Net Price: CHF 500 per booking
Duration: 2 hours
Participants: 1 - 8 per booking

Product Description


In the training 'Managing Conflict Well' you will learn to better understand the role of emotions in a conflict situation. Also, you will be introduced into conflict resolution methods and practice them in role plays:

  • Why people react illogically in conflict situations and how to manage emotions
  • Steps to resolve conflict when you are in a conflict situation
  • Intervening in conflicts between other people
  • Tools and guidelines
  • Role Play

Prerequisite for the attendance is that you have completed the training >>>'Understanding Conflict'. This training can be combined with all other training from Sommer & Partner Consulting.

Learning Objective

After the training participants understand why emotions often overrule logic in conflict situations and know how to control their own emotions. Also, they know the different steps of a conflict resolution process and have practiced this in role plays. They will understand the factors to consider before intervening in others’ conflict. The tools and guidelines provided help them to minimize or resolve work place conflicts at an early stage. They will recognize their own strengths and limitations.

Duration, Location and Format

The training lasts two hours and takes place in a virtual room. Access information will be provided in advance. If you have specific questions or case studies you would like to discuss during the training, let us know on the order form. The content is delivered through a presentation, case examples, exercise and dialogue with the trainer.

Number of Attendees and Costs

The training 'Managing Conflict Well' is for between 1 and 8 attendees. The net price for the training is CHF 500 and applies for the entire group of attendees. If you want to book multiple sessions or a variety of trainings, please ask for our special offers.

Special Offers

Order and Payment

Place the order online through the booking feature on our website. The order confirmation and invoice will be displayed on the screen and also sent by email. Our electronic methods of payment may be used. Payment is due upon receipt of the invoice. Please contact us if you wish special payment terms.


Technical Conditions

You need a stable internet connection and a PC, laptop or tablet with camera and microphone. If you use a tablet, you will need to install an app on your device. There is no need for a complicated login procedure or account creation. We use the video conferencing application Zoom (


The 'Managing Conflict Well' training includes

  • Access to virtual training room
  • 2 hours online video training on topics listed under the section 'Description'
  • Presentation documents (electronically)
  • Work results (electronically)
  • Learning app with tools for preparation in advance and with exercises for after the training
  • Live recording (depended on approval of all attendees)
  • Access to our customer network 'Improving Communication and Cooperation'
  • Confirmation of participation

Download product description 'Managing Conflict Well' in PDF format Download product description 'Managing Conflict Well' in PDF format