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Conflict Resolution Case by Case
Conflict Resolution Case by Case

Product Description


We help you resolve work place conflicts in a professional and efficient manner. We will consult with you and create a framework agreement setting out the agreed approach and costs. When this is in place, you choose which work place conflicts to refer to us (conflict resolution outsourcing). We evaluate whether an online video resolution process is feasible. If so, we conduct the conflict resolution process with the parties online in virtual room(s). The aim of the conflict resolution process is to build or restore constructive working relations. At the end of every month you will receive an insightful report.


Diagram Conflict Resolution Case by Case

Number of Participants or Parties Involved

The conflict resolution process can be conducted with two or more conflict parties, as well as groups who have a dispute (for example departments that have clashed with each other).

Costs and Payment Terms

Costs and payment terms will be negotiated and agreed in a framework agreement. Based on experience, the average costs for a video online conflict resolution with two parties are about CHF 1.500 (without VAT) including preparation, two sessions, written agreement and reporting.

Technical Conditions

Each participant will need a stable internet connection and a PC, laptop or tablet with camera and microphone. If a tablet is used, an app will need to be installed on the device. There is no need for a complicated login procedure or account creation. We use the video conferencing application Zoom (


A precise description of services will be specified in the framework agreement. Usually the following services are included:

  • Consultation session free-of-charge (even if you don't give us an assignment)
  • Access to virtual rooms and to online tools (e.g. electronic questionnaire) for conflict parties
  • Conflict resolution session(s)
  • The final written agreement
  • For the conflict parties: photocopies of the notes on flipcharts or whiteboard
  • Reporting (statistics, type of conflicts, method of resolution)
  • Access to our customer network 'Improving Communication and Cooperation'

Download product description 'Conflict Resolution Case by Case' in PDF format Download product description 'Conflict Resolution Case by Case' in PDF format