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Product Description


'Teambuilding Virtual Team’ has been developed especially for teams who predominantly work together virtually, and are either new, want to integrate new team members or want to strengthen team spirit and co-operation.

To ensure maximum impact the teambuilding session will be customized to the specific needs and focus areas of your teams.

The team members will

  • Get to know each other better
  • Build team identity
  • Understand how they can keep the team spirit alive despite distance
  • Build and strengthen mutual trust

Duration, Location and Format

The duration of the teambuilding session depends on your objectives and on the number of attendees. Usually a course lasts 6 to 8 hours, split into 2 hours sessions. The team building will take place in virtual rooms. Structure and content will be aligned to your specific requirements.

Number of Attendees and Costs

The number of attendees depends on your requirements. Costs for a 6-hour session start from CHF 4,500 (excluding VAT). Included are all services listed below.

Technical Conditions

You need a stable internet connection and a PC, laptop or tablet with camera and microphone. If you use a tablet, you will need to install an app on your device. There is no need for a complicated login procedure or account creation. In general, we use the video conferencing application Zoom ( However, if it makes sense for groups to participate together in your own conference rooms, the company's own video equipment can also be used.


The 'Teambuilding Virtual Team' session includes

  • Free-of-charge counseling (even if you don't give us an assignment)
  • Customized concept based on the results of the counseling session
  • Preparation, technique and organization of the teambuilding session
  • Team building session
  • Work results and materials from the training (electronically)
  • Trainer presentation (electronically)
  • Debriefing session

Download product description 'Teambuilding Virtual Team' in PDF format Download product description 'Teambuilding Virtual Team' in PDF format