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Stakeholder Management Toolbox
Stakeholder Management Toolbox

Product Description


Using our stakeholder management toolbox provides high-quality internal communication and fosters trusting relationships with customers, suppliers and other important partners.

The following steps in our process will help you develop a highly functional stakeholder management system:

  • Evaluation of interests and needs of key stakeholders
  • Determination of appropriate communication channels
  • Preparation of a communication plan which will include identification of key stakeholders, clarification of what information will be provided to which stakeholder, timing for submission of information, who will provide the information, channels to be used for submission and channels which could be used for feedback.


The stakeholder toolbox works especially well for managing communication in complex projects with a significant number of different stakeholders. It is also excellent for companies that value good communication with stakeholders but do not have a communication department or the necessary know-how internally.

Time Frame

The time needed for the preparation and implementation of an efficient stakeholder management process depends on the number of different stakeholders to be considered. On average, it takes 6 weeks from implementation to conclusion.

Costs and Payment Terms

Costs and payment terms will be agreed in a framework agreement. Costs depend on the size and complexity of the project. Based on experience, the average costs for implementation are about CHF 5.000 (excluding VAT).


Services will be specified in the framework agreement. Usually the following services are included:

  • Consultation session free-of-charge (even if you don't give us an assignment)
  • Assessment of requirements and framework agreement (video meeting with customer)
  • Workshop (video meeting)
  • Evaluation of key stakeholder
  • Preparation of communication plan and visualization (electronically)
  • Debriefing meeting (video meeting)
  • Access to our customer network 'improving communication & cooperation'

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