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Collaboration Analysis
Collaboration Analysis

Product Description


Collaboration Analysis discovers obstacles in communication and cooperation which occur within or between organizational units. The analysis will be designed according to your specific requirements and special needs. The results can be reported openly or with participants’ identities hidden.

Relevant working relations and expected working results will usually be analyzed using the following criteria:

  • Clarity of roles and competencies
  • Knowledge and information sharing
  • Quality of communication
  • Level of engagement
  • Acceptance of working and leadership styles
  • Understanding of objectives and priorities
  • Team spirit


Collaboration Analysis is particularly useful in the following situations:

  • Lacking or poor cooperation between specific departments or within a department which you would like to address
  • When a change project has been recently implemented and you wish to check that the organization is working as expected
  • Your organization works across countries and you want to know whether there are disruptions in cooperation caused by cultural diversity
  • You want to ensure that an important project won’t fail because of disruptions in communication and co-operation
  • You are looking for optimization potential to increase efficiency in your organization


Together with you, we will explore relevant working relations and processes. A step by step approach will be agreed and recorded in a project plan and time schedule. Next, the survey will be designed, approved and launched. In most cases the survey will be carried out electronically, although in some cases personal video interviews may also be conducted. Once the survey is complete, the results will be analyzed and evaluated. In the final meeting, you will receive a detailled presentation of the results, together with recommended actions.


The survey is created using Lime Survey, a web tool. There is no requirement to install software for participants as a link will be provided.

Time Frame

The usual time frame from the start of the project to presentation of results is between 2 to 4 weeks.

Costs and Payment Terms

Costs and payment terms will be agreed in a framework agreement. The costs will depend on the complexity of the project and the number of participants. For example, a Collaboration Analysis for 3 organizational units with a total of 60 employees would cost approximately CHF 6.000 excluding VAT.


The following services are included

  • Consultation session free-of-charge (even if you don't give us an assignment)
  • Discussion and adjusting of the survey design
  • Creation of the questionnaire and technical implementation
  • Launch of the survey and follow up
  • Video online interviews of selected participants, including access to virtual meeting rooms
  • Analysis and evaluation of completed surveys
  • Wrap up meeting and presentation of results
  • Recommendations for actions
  • Passing on the 'know-how' so that you can repeat the survey yourself at a later date
  • Handover of data collected and results
  • Access to our customer network 'improving communication & co-operation'

Download product description 'Collaboration Analysis' in PDF format Download product description 'Collaboration Analysis' in PDF format