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Individual Coaching
Individual Coaching
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Product Description


This online video coaching is particulary designed for challenges and questions related to the new world of working and the skills required. Based on your individual, specific situation we work with you to develop relevant questions and winning strategies. If you wish, we will accompany you through the transformation phase.

Duration, Location and Format

The duration of the online video coaching depends on your specific wishes. The coaching takes place in a virtual room (online video coaching). Access information will be provided in advance of the session. The proceeding will be adjusted to your individual challenges and needs.


The coaching can be performed in German or English language.

Number of Attendees and Costs

The coaching takes the form of an individual session for one person. In a preliminary talk over the phone we will agree on scope and costs.

Technical Conditions

You need a stable internet connection and a PC, laptop or tablet with camera and microphone. If you use a tablet, you will need to install an app on your device. There is no need for a complicated login procedure or account creation. We use the video conferencing application Zoom (


Coaching sessions include

  • Preparatory meeting and contracting
  • Access to virtual meeting room
  • Online video coaching with live coach (invoiced per hour)
  • Access to our customer network 'Improving Communication and Cooperation'

Download product description 'Individual Coaching' in PDF format Download product description 'Individual Coaching' in PDF format