Tackle Workplace Conflicts Constructively

Workplace conflicts cost time and money if they are ignored or handled badly. Companies that deal constructively with conflicts reduce their organization costs while simultaneously developing an open, transparent corporate culture – an important prerequisite for increased innovative power and competitiveness.

Our live training online provides the knowledge and skills to grow conflict resolution competence. If you prefer, or if you need additional expert help, we resolve your work place conflicts in a professional and straightforward way.

Learn more about our innovative training and transformative conflict resolution methods.

Product features:

  • Proven online dispute resolution methods
  • Workplace conflict management experts
  • Live training online with learning app
  • Live training online with live trainer, online bookable
  • Virtual, individual rooms
  • Effective, anywhere at anytime

Live Training Online and Procedures

The net prices of all live training online courses below cover the total net costs for the participation of all attendees per booking.

Our live training online is bookable by companies worldwide. If you are a consumer, please check availibility for your country of residence via button 'Total Price'. Bookable training dates can be viewed by clicking the button 'Book'. In case you cannot find a suitable date, please contact us.

Conflict First Aid
Conflict First Aid

In case of an emergency due to a workplace conflict, we are here to help.

Contact us via contact form, e-mail or telephone.

In a quick and non-binding consultation we clarify with you, which steps are necessary and make sense for resolving your workplace conflict. Depending on the outcome, we can advise you on how you can resolve the conflict yourself or we can carry out an online-mediation.

Conflict Resolution Case by Case
Conflict Resolution Case by Case

We resolve your workplace conflicts, case by case.

You approach us with individual workplace conflicts to be resolved, as needed.

We carry out mediation with the conflict parties via online video sessions. With your monthly statement of account you will also receive an insightful report.

Conflict Management System
Conflict Management System

We build and run a professional conflict management system for you.

In the event of a workplace conflict, we are the direct point of contact for your employees. We examine every conflict to determine whether it is suitable for an online video mediation session. If so, we will carry out the online video conflict resolution with the conflict parties. With your monthly statement of account you will also receive an explanatory report. Our reporting will give you valuable insights for potential optimization.

Understanding Conflict
Understanding Conflict
Live Training Online

Understand why conflicts occur, how they escalate and the impact of conflict on organizations and individuals. Learn to recognize potential causes and signs of conflict.

Managing Conflict Well
Managing Conflict Well
Live Training Online

Learn and practice techniques to prepare for, minimize and manage conflict successfully. Know if, when and how to intervene in others' conflicts.

Emotionality and Conflict
Conflict and Emotions
Live Training Online

Understand your emotional triggers. This training provides tools to help you manage your emotions in conflict while staying professional. Get instructions and a chance to practice tools and skills.

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