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Infographic 'Working Agile'

To protect or enhance their competitive positions, organizations strive for speed, flexibility and to be customer focussed. In other words, they want to become agile. But what does it exactly mean to work agile?


Infographic 'Working Agile'

Organizational changes are unavoidable when it comes to the rollout of the agile way of working. Cultural change is also essential. An agile mindset as well as learning new skills are important success factors.

We are deeply involved in this exciting hot topic and will publish articles on a regular basis. To start with we have studied a few basic questions:

  • What does VUCA mean?
  • Which aspects are vital for the agile way of working?
  • What supports and what hinders working agile?
  • Which new skills are needed?
  • What does a roadmap for agile transformation look like?

Our infographic 'Working Agile' provides some answers to get you started on the road to agile working (please see below for the download link). Your comments and questions are welcome. We would love to establish a dialogue with you!

Infographic 'Working Agile'