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I Love My Job

Many people are unhappy at work. But what is it that makes us happy at work? Look at our new infographic and get fresh ideas.


Infographic 'I Love My Job'

Many people are unhappy at work. According to the latest Gallup report from 2017 only 15% of all worldwide employees are engaged. So what factors do you need to consider to create a happy motivated and productive workforce?

As more and more processes are automated, in future the roles for humans will be those which require value judgment, creativity and emotional intelligence (according to Daniel H. Pink who investigated employee motivation in the new economy of automation and artificial intelligence). He concludes that a new approach to employee motivation is needed which is driven by three forces: purpose, autonomy and mastery.

While agreeing with this, we also believe that the working environment should be human-centered and free of fear. It should be an environment in which people can be themselves instead of being someone who takes and fulfils orders only. 

The environment is not the only factor required for people to feel happy at work, it is also a question of the individual’s maturity. As Pink stated, personal mastery drives motivation but is at the same time prerequisite for employees in the new world of working.

We also thought about what makes us happy in our organization. All these thoughts inspired us to prepare the infographic 'I Love My Job’. As always, your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Please see below for a download link.

I Love My Job